CEINODE Ghana is a Ghanaian registered non-profit that involves the youth as beneficiaries of development; help them to develop skills to understand the real causes of their problems, take initiatives, be creative, and participate in and organize action. We are outraged by development challenges confronting vulnerable groups such as women, young girls. We are particularly committed to examining these issues within an intersectional framework; working to curb the low literacy levels, the inclusion of girls’ voices in the movement for social justice, and and thus we advocate, educate, and organize.


Work in global partnership to ensure sustainable human development in Ghana.
(Particularly in the areas of Education, Health, and Poverty Reduction, Gender and community infrastructure provision)


To become the foremost provider of programmes and services aimed at achieving excellence in making an impact in the lives of individuals, groups and communities in Ghana.


Work in partnership to provide relevant and sustainable educational, economic and social development opportunities for individuals, groups, communities, minority groups and the less privileged.

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